Alumini Expression

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    Ms. Anupama Kuruvilla
    2005 – 2009

    Like Millions of other Indian citizens, I had a dream, A dream to practice nursing outside of India, to be more precise wanted to be a nurse in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, I thought my journey is going to be a smooth ride but surprising it was not as complete bed of roses as thought and had to encounter various huddles, was finally a NZRN.

    Thankyou Pragyan College of Nursing, the foundation stone of my nursing career for allowing us to share our thoughts on our working experiences.

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    Mrs. Neethu Mariya
    2005 – 2009

    Living abroad is a unique opportunity to try to understand others, to feel adventurous and push you to experience things unknown, to be a foreigner armed that entails, and it is about self-discovery and growth, Assuring quality care.

    Today, I express my gratitude to all my teachers, without them I would not be able to gather determination and confidence in my life. I am here today where I am and who I am because Pragyan College of Nursing helped me to accomplish my goal of graduating with a Nursing Degree and opened the door to my future. Wishing all success to many future students!

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    Major Shalu Nair
    2004 – 2008

    Everythinq might have changed over years but the memories remain intact. College life is the most memorable and the best part of life no matter where we are, we always miss our College dates. It was from there I learned to work independently, how to mingle and interact with others. I lived a life where every opportunity is at stake. I learned how to grab these opportunities one by one. I now understand the importance of education, studying is the best way to nurture yourself with experience that others cannot just steal them away from you. The awe inspiring teachers and professors and the proud feeling they have in their eyes when they hear your success stories gives you enormous solace.

    The roller coaster ride of emotions I feel when I go through College memories is something beyond words to express. The tinge of nostalgia instills you with numerous emotions and all you can do is take a walk down that memory lane accompanied with happy tears and sad smiles.

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    Major Beena S.

    Words pre very powerful, they can either inspire you to greatness or make you feel low. This is why its best to choose the words you hear and the principles you believe. After all, we are all given a choice every day to wallow in self-pity or push ourselves to achieve great things despite our imperfections. One's success in the nursing profession is not determined by how much theoretical knowledge a nurse possesses, but how resilient she is to apply everything she learned and that includes the principles of caring the strangers.

    At this junction, I must pay my tribute to Dr. Sunita Lawrence Principal ma’am & Pragyan teaching faculty which laid the foundation for the coming generation to maintain professional commitment & render quality care & selfless service to greater height in pursuits of excellence where sky is the limit.

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    Mr.SUBIN S

    “Times files like an Arrow “

    The days spent in Pragyan College of Nursing were exactly like this proverb: My mentors, classmates & I have put a great deal of pain staking effort to be what I am today. We have put our overall energies into unforgettable moments and events such as fresher’s day, clinical postings, conferences and other co-curricular activities; which will be a best part in my life.Now I am grateful that I had an opportunity to study here at pragyan & flourish under the umbrella of my legendary mentors and friends.

    Pragyan College of Nursing provide us with nursing analytical skills, knowledge and attitude that we required in nursing profession. It follows systematic methodology in completing the curriculum.

    Pragyan College of nursing designed to cover all the principle methodologies & pedagogy in nursing to help as for completing our nursing curriculum.

    Every course was very organized and left some key messages in our brain. I am indebted to my reverent teachers whose guidance and support helped me to achieve the rank of university topper in my MSc Nursing.

    I do believe that whatever I learned in Pragyan will give me a solid foundations for the subsequent work as a nursing professional. My experience here at pragyan with my mentors & friendship with my colleagues will be an invaluable legacy through out my life.

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    Mr Jaison Paulose Chacko

    Remembering my classmates, after few years. My eyes are filled will tear, everyone is busy a lot. Cultural rehearsals to love proposals, Short term crushes to classroom blushes, Everything is fresh in our mind, Once again become college guys, We all were in elation. Till the painful moment of separation, when it was time to part, We returned with a heavy heart, Today life is full of commitments, will leave forever in our memories.

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    Ms. Bency Mathew

    The most memorable day in Pragyan was the day when I was asked to present a paper in Ist year on International womens day. Being an average student in my school life, I have never got a chance for public speaking, so the duo mike and stage were miles away. The conditional support and able guidance of my Principal, Vice principal madam my class teacher. I caughht hold of the mike, won the first prize.I discovered something in me infact my teachers have helped me to ... I owe them my whole life for trusting me

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    Ms Bincy Sherin John

    Sometimes, we achieve things in life which are our beyond our imagination. One such thing that happened in my life was when I got Ms Pragyan Title and further got ll nd prize in state competition. This was the most memorable moment here in Pragyan where I got to learn that with support of friends, Family and teachers we can achieve anything in life along with our own handwork.

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    Ms Bincy Thomas,

    When I unveiled the curtains of the window that opens to the lane of my memory offour years that I spend here. Dec 9th 2006 strikes out the most as this incidence taught me the importance of unity, understanding, caring and love. For this I thank the institute everyone responsible for this.

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    Mr Prince Mathew,

    I can never forget the days of my UG year It was on August 17th, 2003 when 49 students banged Pragyan College Of Nursing as the first seedlings. The initial days of our student life were breathtaking. Hailing from Kerala and studying in Bhopal was itself very cumbersome. With no knowledge of Hindi, it was very hard to communicate with others. Everything seemed to be a herculean task. The food, the place, the environment.... but due to the efforts of Principal and teachers, we nourished and flourished. Dr Sunita Lawrence was like a mother to all of us. We found protection under the shadow of her wings. At times, when there was no food, the faculty brought food for us. They cared like a family member when we became sick. It is distinct because of the unconditional love, support, toiled efforts and guidance of my Principal and faculty that we have been transformed from carbon to sparkling diamonds.