Refund & Cancellation

Refund of Fees will not be admissible in any condition as the registration fee is only for the registration of stundets for courses and shall be eligible for counselling according to rules and regulations of Pragyan College of Nursing.

The fee remitted by the applicant shall not be refunded for any of the following reason:

In case the admission of the candidate is not finalized due to non- payment of fee / dues and other charges or a part thereof within the prescribed date.

In case the applicant has not submitted the required Certificate / Statement of Mark Sheet/Degree for verification / Migration Certificate in original or other certificates, etc. submitted by him/her are found bogus or forged.

If, after being admitted, a candidate does not want to continue his / her studies on account of his / her any personal reason or if the candidature of a student is cancelled as a fee defaulter or for non submission of documents etc. or the student does not appear in the examination , the fee paid by him/her shall neither be refunded nor adjusted in any case against the next session even if he / she seek readmission of the course.